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The Paperback Club

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

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Just like a book club!
This community is devoted to the love of books.
It's new, but layouts, mood themes, profile etc. will be updated soon.
The posts in the community can be anything to do with books, must-read list, recommended books, looking for advice on what to read next, book reviews and so on and on and on.
To post a book review, hopefully you can imitate the following structure:

Grade: (From A, B, C, D, F with + or - if you prefer)
Blurb from the Back:
First Sentence:

Then, if you want to write a more in-depth review, please post it behind a cut.
Finally, type the main themes of the book in the tags area, such as: death, sport, father-son relationship.